Making your own knitted cosage is so easy and can be made in any colour or size. How do you want it? You decide!

The size of the needles and and wool will change how big or small your flower is.

To start

  1. cast on 10 stitches
  2. knit one row
  3. purl 1 row
  4. in this row you are doubling each stitch - so knit into front of stitch and back to create two stitches from that one. Do this to every stitch along the row
  5. purl a row
  6. knit into front and back of next row.
  7. purl a row
  8. then one more knit in front and back of stitch.
  9. purl a row
  10. cast of
  11. shape your flower and sew a pin on the back.
  12. done!
  13. you could try more more rows, casting on more or less stitches, add beads if you make one do let me know!