Wednesday, 24 November 2010

auction room fun and finds

My first time going to my local auction house and oh my i loved it! I think it could be quite dangerous. i wanted to bid on everything just for the excitement! It moved much quicker than i thought it would - they got through about 600 lots in two hours There is also a section of items that are just for sale. i had my eye on a vintage sewing box - but it went while i was looking around at other bits and thinking about it.
my favourite thing i did bid on and win was this 50's picnic basket. Everything is still there and it is truely beautiful. i am going to sell it on but it will be a sad day when it goes..i can see myself in the country with a vivienne of holloway dress having a picnic. sigh..

then this old lamp - which i will paint and recover. does anyone know a good place on line that can help with how you re cover a lamp shade? help!

a very battered old radio that does not work but for £4 i couldn't resist!
i might go back soon.
great place to kit out a shop for cheap and to buy to sell!


  1. I sense a dangerous and expensive habit in the making!! Good fun tho!

  2. I love auctions, although can get a little carried away with it all :)

  3. Hey ho, I am home sick and bored so catching up on backlog of some of my favourite blogs. Did you get around to recovering the lamp? If not, what I do in times like this is to take the cover off and use it as a pattern to make a new cover. They are pretty easy to do. My hubby gave me a similar lamp for a birthday present, and I sold the shade and replaced it with a big rectangular one that I covered in orange taffeta, it is fabulous! :)