Monday, 8 November 2010

old pictures and vintage swimwear...

Above is a picture of my dad when first in the RAF for his national service. I went round to my mum's yesterday and i went through the old photo albums. i picked out some to get copies. i wanted them all .... i have to take them back next week
My mum at about 2!!

me and my sisters - i wish we still had the car in the background

obviously i'm the ginger one! with my sister and gran.
and then i went through the drawers and found.......

the very swimsuit from the photo! i dont fit it anymore...,


  1. Oh wow, what wonderful things!! Love the swimsuit!

  2. hello! Thanks for following my blog, I love all your photos, how amazing that you still have the swimsuit!
    : )

  3. Hi, I came by. I love crafting too, but a bit too impatient for all things complicated...Love your vintage photos, they're great and inspires me to have a look on my own.