Wednesday, 1 December 2010

season's party clothes and the danger of blogging..

why is blogging so dangerous?
because you look on people sites who follow you, who follow them, who follow them...or is that just me? then you see lovely things that people make...and i think ooo i want to try that...Then you see clothes, lovely super clothes. i found out about the website is in American but they do send to the UK. but the post cost really doesn't help and what if they dont fit? But on my christmas list... My daughter wants the dress above and the top below. i approve!

i am dreaming of being the lady in red...
But lets not forget the wonderful Vivien of Holloway. the clothes all made in the UK to vintage patterns.

please father chrismas i want this dress!

have not been crafting (have nearly knitted my top) much over the last few days but will be asap and will blog about.


  1. Lovely clothes ...but I would have to get Father Christmas to bring me a completely new body for that dress!

    I can easily 'blog hop' for an hour at a time, the annoying thing is when you have forgotten to follow or even bookmark a great blog. x

  2. oh i know - i found this great site with i think cross stitch packs - really funky from USA - wanted to sell here - but can never find now! soooo annoying