Friday, 14 January 2011

2nd done and and third

The knitted cardigan is finished and i moved straight on to my next project. My beautiful daughter brought me this embroidery pad by Jenny Hart for christmas. So for my third project this year i decided to give it a go.
The book has various designs that you iron on to the material, and then away you go stitching over itHaving never done anything like it, before i bit the bullet and used an old smock dress that had bleach stains on it - just in case i mucked up.
Frank at my feet and various designs to choose from.

i went for this design as I love hearts and birds,
deciding to do the birds in blue started me of.

you can see the bleach stains.

I really enjoyed doing it - but cant find any clothes that would do...
i'm 3 books in and the next i think will be a book on doodle stitching. Now i have followed a iron on i may try my own design..


  1. But now you have rescued that dress! LOL.


  2. Wow, that sounds like such a fab idea. I would love to be able to embroider a vintage tattoo style onto a cushion. I look forward to seeing more of the patterns! x

  3. That looks really nice, even with the bleach stains :0) x Well done, yes deffo embroider a cushion or two x