Sunday, 2 January 2011

new year and some little promises to myself

To make something from each of my craft books, that have been bought given and collected over the years..
So thats the end of 2010. my hang over from new years eve is over too... i do hope that this year will see the start of Miss Ginger's Haberdashery - and i can face the fear!

it will need some heavy talks to get this shop at the right price...

on a simpler note i also plan to do a project from everyone of my craft daughter got this book from a friend for christmas and i am making her the monkey in yellow

so much knitting to do - which does take ages but at least i have nearly finished the cardi below

For sewing, i am making this cushion, which is already coming on well and should be done today.

the hope will be that people can see what the projects in the books are like and then buy!happy new year to you all and looking forward to seeing all your crafting, sewing, beautiful items and vintage finds! xx


  1. Wow you have got loads of lovely projects planned. I hope it goes well with your shop venture, can't wait to hear about it :-) x

  2. You are putting me to shame - I have been happily just looking at my Emily Peacock tapestry bags and dreaming!

    The 'making something from all your books' idea is great, and I will definitely be having a go at that when I get unpacked!

    And I promise to come to your shop when you are up and running xxx

  3. You are already off to a good start for the New Year. Wishing you all the best to come!

  4. Good Luck with the new venture, Verity. And you do have big plans crafting this year!