Wednesday, 19 January 2011

the one that got away

The one that got away......and it still hurts. As I have blogged before, i have become addicted to our local auction house. It has all sorts of things, old videos, books, flags, posters and lots lots more...
I spotted this chair the day before and knew it was meant for me. Early 20c and just beautiful, shabby chic perfection. It's quide price was £60-£80 Despite being broke i decided i would go to £100 (they take credit cards...)
but to my dismay i bid against another person and thought i got it for £90 when some evil horrid dealer came along as Mr Auctioneer was about to hit his hammer... i even went to 150.... but nasty man went on and i had to give up. i lost it but still think it was a bargain - i tried to get him to sell it to me after but he said he sells them to Japan. i had no chance!
It did help that i got this side board for just £50. Bargain?

i must ask miss mustard seed what she would do with it...thinking of painting ? cream? white? red?


  1. Oh what a shame, let's hope the evil, nasty dealer get's a boil on his bottom!!

    Love the sideboard, would look nice a soft cream or even a soft sage green (might show off your china a little more) xx

  2. Aww chick, I can understand your heartbreak. It is such a beautiful colour, and a shame it has gone abroad. Next time if you see him at the auction yell 'here mate, someone is breaking into your van' right as he goes to bid against you. Jerk. x

  3. ha ha! love it...if i go this saturday i will!

  4. S'not fair. That chair is gorgeous. How dare the nasty dealer person buy it instead of you. Mind you that dresser/sideboard is fantastic for £50. Yes, paint it. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out. Love from your newest follower!

  5. what a shame about the chair, great sideboard though, what a bargain!
    : )