Tuesday, 15 March 2011

sorting though the heaps

Sunday was such a busy day. My gorgeous son had a sleep over on the saturday, they all made cakes. While they had fun i had to clear up the mess.... They all slept in the front room and by 11 am on sunday they were all still sleeping. I thought i should gentle wake them up with toast and juice. Nah!
i opened the door and sent in the dog, who bounded all over them and licked them. ha ha that will teach them for keeping me up and messing up the house!
The dog got a big walk a a reward.
After the walk it was time to stop putting of the job of sorting through all the boxes of haberdashery items i had bought. It was such a mamouth task and one i was dreading.

So much of it i didnt know where to start

Half way through..

One bag conyained hundreds of bits of lace, edging and ribbon.

i took it all out and two hours later half of it has been sorted and the knots unknotted and tied up into this bowl.

then the material folded and stacked

i sorted the new display cabinet with bits i knitted

and other bits of vintage finds

I still have a massive bag of knitting needles and who knows what else to go through, yet more fabric and lace as well.. I have got the worst of it over and then of to market it will be. i will show some of the bits in more detail soon. Their are some great vintage finds and lovely prints too. i will also do a giveaway - so watch out!


  1. I love sorting stuff! Well done you, everything looks so tidy :) Love the lace.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. I love watching other people sorting stuff!!

  3. well done for sorting it all out - fancy coming over to my home and helping me do the same lol. Look forward to yout giveaway and seeing more of your vintage bits. Scarlett x

  4. That sounds like a productive way to spend an afternoon. I hate housework, but love the end result of a tidying sesh. At least it was fabric and not books - I always end up reading things when I'm supposed to be tidying them away!

  5. Great job - the lace looks so pretty all rolled up and tied, and I love those tea cosies you knitted. You also answered my question to my husband the other night - do boys have sleepovers? He said yes, but they didn't call them that in his day. I'm guessing no nail varnish and Bring It On watching was involved!

  6. I love all that lace...yummy..:0)
    I wish it was all going in my cupboards lol

    Have a great weekend Miss Ginger :0)