Sunday, 22 May 2011

matching, hatching and putting together

Another lovely weekend, with the sun shining and my mind focased on Miss Ginger's and moving forward.
I am still writing my business plan, which i am afraid i find very dull! I know it has to be done and is actually really good for me to do to get my head round how i am really going to make some money.... but snore!
To me the best bit is doing things like this...
Lots of lovely ribbon all beautifully packaged. It is  such nice ribbon and really good quality. ooo i wish you could feel it!

My labels all ready to sew in to my tops 
 and then matching ribbon and fabric in preparation to make up packs for people to buy to make their own customised top.
 I really enjoy playing with the colours, and sometime matching feel right, but then i do like a clash now and again. But it will be up to people as to what they really want. These are just my suggestions

I have made a top and a skirt which i shall share next time. Ok i can not put it of any more... it's business plan time again. or maybe i should make dinner?!!!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend with maybe a little fabric/design/craft fun!


  1. ooooooh yummy ribbons! I love your labels! The packs are such a great idea, im sure you will have loads of people buying your goodies. Scarlett x

  2. It's all looking so lovely, your labels are really cute. I can't wait for you to be up and running - it will merit a day-trip to London for sure x

  3. What a thrill it must be to have your own label. They look great! And the packs of fabric and ribbon are really appealing.

  4. Your label is beautiful, Verity. I remember getting mine. It is such a buzz.

  5. aww it all looks great and very exciting. Hope you had a lovely weekend and have a lovely week also, dee x

  6. Oooh those ribbons look tempting! I love how you've labeled them. And your own label is really lovely. Oh good luck with finishing your business plan, so you can get on with the fun stuff! xxx