Saturday, 7 May 2011

a top from the dress pattern

After the success of my dress that i made, i decided i would like to make it as a top. I had this fabric waiting for me to make a skirt. I had to use it though.

 I made it this morning and then wore it to a friends BBQ.
 I just took the Pattern and cut 30cm of the bottom.
I am now looking for some different fabric to do more...I still have enough of the first fabric to make a top and a friend has asked for one so maybe i should do that first (she is a lovely friend)


  1. That is probably even lovelier than the dress!!

    I love that you have faith and skill enough to wear it - if I made anything I would be paranoid there'd be a major wardrobe malfunction!

    If I take up school trousers they end up coming down before the end of the first day! Maybe that's just a child malfunction!

  2. You made a top THIS MORNING??? Oh my. I only accomplished burning toast! Lovely top and fabric :)

  3. I love the fabric - brilliant idea to chop the bottom to make a top. REally pretty - you'll be busy now all your friends will want one :)

  4. Thats lovely too, what is this amazing pattern? we need details :) xx

  5. well done - looks fabulous! Scarlett x