Saturday, 23 July 2011

birthday girl

A quick post as I am sooooo tired after an extremely hectic week that included my beautiful daughters 16th birthday. I am so proud of her. 
 My mum made this delicious cake - i am told it was delicious, i was so good and resisted due to doctors orders.
 She hasn't changed much has she? ooooo she was and still is lovely!

 Made a few dresses, and two to make today. New fabric arrived again. So i am of to sew, but really i need a nap (not just my daughter getting older then!!)
I am avoiding the news as i just can't bear it and have spent too much time crying this morning. My heart goes out to everyone in Norway today. xxxx


  1. Happy Birthday Isobel, guess that makes your mum really old! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I am glad that your precious daughter had a great birthday. That dress looks lovely- but not as lovely as my top waiting for me when I got home from holidays. Of course, it is winter here so I have to be patient to wait to wear it. Thank you Verity for such a gorgeous giveaway and for posting to Australia :)