Monday, 7 November 2011

makes and up at last and a bit of a carry on

 I was given the task of covering this cushion for a man at the market who makes his own furniture. I was quite flattered and a little scared that he wanted me to make the cushions to help sell his products. This was made a little worse when i he gave me the foam (it's not square!!!)and also asked for tie backs ....
 He choose one of my favourite fabrics...  and i did finish it and then took it this weekend to discover his van had broke down and wasn't coming in. oh well one job done ( and i will show you the finished product when it is sitting on it's seat)
 Frank got a bath and new scarf..
 And AT LAST my 'think happy thoughts' by Emily Peacock has been framed and put up. I have also ordered a picture from a rather fabulous artist who paints portraits of comedians.
Next week I pick up a painting of my favourite carry on funny man .... Charles Hawtrey. I think he will look great   under the picture and quite apt.Who's your favourite carry on star?


  1. The Emily Peacock looks great - she does have some lovely designs but I fear I'd never get anything finished!

  2. So glad you framed your cross-stitch - you put me to shame! The cushion looks great and can't wait to see the CH picture.
    I like a bit of Bernard Breslaw!

  3. Definitely Charles! It's slightly annoying when people ask you to do something without giving you the full facts isn't it? I have to say though looks like you've done a cracking job on the cushion so far and such a lovely fabric.

  4. I think the cushion looks fab what fun fabric he chose ;-) Loving Franks scarf he is just adorable. dee x

  5. It looks like you've done a super job with the cushion - I'm sure the man at the market will be very happy!
    Your cross-stitch looks great too! I love all the Emily Peacock designs, although I've never tried actually stitching one!!! Maybe one day.....

  6. Frank looks so handsome! well done on the cushion it looks great :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!