Tuesday, 29 November 2011

strike! and make...

Hello all and yes i am still around! I have a bit of time tomorrow as i don't have to prepare for tomorrows lessons as i am on STRIKE! It's like back to the 80's isn't it. I feel very strongly about saving my pension and the pensions of all the people i work with and who do the like work. The thought of having to work until i am 68 is , well i would say impossible. As some people may know i am a teacher in a special school. Our students have severe or profound learning difficulties, and many have added complications of challenging behaviour, autism, health and physical difficulties. I am head of autism and hardly sit down all day as i work with some very very challenging behaviour...

 Will i be able to do this job when i am in my late 60's? 

So tomorrow i will be having the day of. I am not going on the March but will be resting up at home and hanging a banner from my window.
Ok i also have to admit that i am planning a lovely day. Tonight i went to the supermarket and bought myself a mollie makes.
 With lots of lovely ideas inside

 I have bought a lovely stack of beautiful felt from Annie the felt fairy who kindly sent it recorded delivery so i have it for tomorrow, Thank you so much Annie. A few people from work are coming over and we are planning to spend the day making bits for Christmas. All work and no play?
 of course not! I will be making the ,most of a precious day of (losing a days pay), and have got in the important things..

 Wah hey! I will let you know what we make (if they are not too wonky). xx


  1. I have no idea how you even do the job in the first place, I couldnt. Ive got a lot of respect for you x

  2. What a lovely day you have planned, I'll be at work unfortunately as I'm not a teacher and my daughters school is still open. A day with felt and wine sounds perfect!
    : )

  3. This is the sort of strike day I like the sound of!!
    I am on my non-working day on Wednesdays, so will have company, with the school being closed - still, hopefully I will get a bit of sewing done.

    I don't want to be working at 50, never alone at 68!

  4. Yes it's a wonderful thing to throw figures around without looking at the sheer variety of jobs and people and circumstances isn't it! Have a lovely day :)

  5. Enjoy your day, I'll have both my boys at home but I do support the strike. That Mollie Makes might almost tempt me - I do love a Christmas decoration. (But £5 - still too expensive I think)

  6. I hope you had a brilliant day my lovely, it sounds like it, and I wish i could'a joined you ;o)

    I'm behind you 100%! You all deserve better as far as I can see. Since my daughter has had epilepsy (since she was nine) I have had to have a lot to do with teachers, and appreciate them so much!
    You all do so much unpaid work, it does make me a bit cross!

    Anyway, 'nuff of that! You have a fabulous weekend you hear? And take care my dear.
    Love Donna xx

  7. My mom has my Christmas Mollie waiting for me (for when we go back to the UK for the hols). Having a sneaky little look on here has made me super-excited about getting it!!!

  8. Hurrah, what a work heavy strike day! Must get the Xmas Mollie, have not seen it yet x