Friday, 24 February 2012

lots of house work deserves a new pinny...

I do like the word pinny! and i do love the look of a old style apron. I am having to keep my house nice and tidy , just in a case i get a viewing. Never easy when the house has two teenagers, two cats and a over active labradoodle who like likes nothing more than jumping in rivers and rolling in mud....
So I thought i should be a little more glam in my housework, and that might make it more fun to do (is house work ever fun?).
I have had a little look and here are some that i have found. What do you think? Oh and i had some new fabric arrive which i will show you in my next post. It is Michael Miller and top fab!
I do love a vintage look and i thought this apron (in funkier fabric) is so so cute.

You can get the pattern here

pattern here

A nice and simple easy to follow below

I like these but would add a little trim.
which would make it look more like this ....

Find the pattern here
For a bit of 1940's chic this free pattern is great.

If i couldnt make or can't find the time i found these on Etsy .... have a look and i will attempt to make mine on saturday before or after the house viewing. (fingers crossed!!)


  1. Oh the misery of house viewings and having to keep everything tidy. I think you will look like Doris Day in any of these. xx

  2. Good luck with the viewings, they're such a pain. I do hope you sell quickly to a nice cash buyer with nothing to sell themselves!

    The first apron will be so cute in funky fabric - I quite like the yellow (althoughit doesn't really suit me) but it's not very practical when you're doing hardcore cleaning or cooking.

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  3. Some great pinnys here! love all of the frills and colours :) have a great weekend sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. I love those pinny's they are gorgeous, it makes me want to do housework just as an excuse to wear one! XxxX

  5. Oh I love that red spot and turquoise one - I would wear it out to work and everywhere!
    Good luck with the viewing-tenterhooks x

  6. I'm a bit in love with aprons at the moment - made a trio a couple of weeks ago and keep meaning to get round to making the one that's inspired by Marilyn Monroe's dress. Now you've jogged my memory, and I'm awake super-early, maybe I'll go and make a start! I love the pattern for the yellow one, but a print would make it even better! The bow at the back looks so cute!

  7. Love the pinnes!!! Do you think I could get away with wearing one just BECAUSE, as I don't do any cooking, and hate cleaning??? ;-)

  8. Yummers!!!! I'm in love with those ones from cute are they!!? They look like dresses in their own right and far too good to get dirty xx