Tuesday, 8 January 2013

oh there we go - but bed is calling

Thanks to all who responded to my plea for help. I am now on google chrome after much fiddling and loosing my header, and deleting photos. I would have been quicker but i had a little upright bass practice to do.
I did have some things i wanted to blog on but it is so late that I shall just briefly tell you/show you my advent calender that i did this year. As my house is still such a mess with loads of work still needing to be done i went a little mad with it. A bag for every day.

My daughter asked me to make her a collar and i managed this.... I was very pleased with this as a first go and thing some more may be on the way. i may try and do a tutorial for it.
Anyway a very happy new year to you all and hopefully one reading lots of my favourite blogs and also doing lots of posts. xx


  1. I'm glad you've sorted your problems out!
    I'd love to see a tutorial for that collar! It's very pretty, and I've been pondering making myself a few for a while now.....

  2. I'm glad you've got your photo posting sorted out.

    Happy New Year!