Wednesday, 3 April 2013

and time to breathe....

Its the Easter Holidays and i have at last found time to post.
I have been reading other blogs that i follow, along with looking after my kids and sorting my house and running Miss Gingers but didnt get a chance to comment or write my own. Again i promise to do better...

 Grabbing the odd quiet moment during the term i have managed to get quite a bit done to my 'hug' tapestry by Emily Peacock. A few years ago i did her 'think happy thoughts', and since then the hug and kiss had been calling me for ages and i just couldnt resist any longer. I find them just right to do when tired and want to shut of,the pattern and fabric are a good size to see and follow and they look good too!
 i think the design will look fabulous in my new home. it should be finished soon..
 Because i do have two weeks of work i have got so many plans of what i want to do. Much of it involves not leaving the house if possible! I have loads to do for my business - watch this space as the most exciting website (in my opinion) will be ready soon....but while doing that i also want to make a start on some granny squares to make a blanket for this horrid weather. The above wool all bought and ready for me to just gather the patience to teach myself. I have had the book for years!!!
I also want to make the jumper below. Lets face it the weather at the moment is so rubbish i suspect we will be needing woolly jumpers for a long time to come. If i wish very hard maybe it will be done by summer and i will only need to wear it in the evening when the hot sun has gone done and the breeze from a beach holiday has made it 'nippy'. (i suspect this will remain a fantasy - well weather wise)
 I also want to make a dress and am deciding on what pattern

Not sure which one i choose and i have some new fabrics coming , so may wait until then.
Talking of dress making did anyone watch the 'great british sewing bee'? I did and enjoyed and it has tempted me further in my love of all things 'make yourself'. It did help me too. What did everyone else think?
Happy sewing all and i am of to make a cushion for my daughter, nice and easy and get me back into the swing of things...


  1. Hello!!!
    My KISS is still in a state of 'unmade' since our last foray!! I need to get it done!
    I loved the GB Sewing Bee - especially the old lady!

  2. What fun the Hug looks to be! And nice to hear from you - I too am so busy I barely have time to read everyone else's blogs. I simply have to find a way to watch the Sewing Bee as it is unlikely to be picked up for NZ TV, and if it is it will be a year away. All so immensely proud of our Tilly!!!
    Congrats on your website!!! How exciting!!!

  3. Hi!

    i adore that 'Hug' embroidery. I am purchasing it for my last few weeks pregnant... I think that will just about be all I'm up for :D

    Nice to see your new website!

    Bundana @

  4. I loved the Sewing Bee! It's so rare to see a programme where all the contestants came across as really nice people. When I'd finished watching it, it made me feel so happy - happy for nice people making beautiful things.

  5. I loved the sewing bee, just need to learn how to put a zip in and I'm away!! Love that green cardigan can I ask where you got the pattern from please, Lucey x