Thursday, 18 April 2013

mouse light, builders and fabric

Hello to all. I do you are all enjoying the tiny little rays of sunshine that have been poking through the clouds at last. I love the fact that i finally have some colour coming out in my garden but tonight i am concentrating on inside.
I went to Brighton last week to see a friend i haven't seen for 20 years. It was fabulous seeing her and although we have chatted on the phone, it felt it had just been a few months. I also got to look round the shops and couldnt resist this beautiful (well tacky but wonderful - i think!) deer head light. i have it behind my bar for a proper cocktail experience.
 Work has started on removing the rather foul downstairs toilet, and when thats done i can get some carpet and wooden floor down, which will be a massive relief as i think it will mean i am almost done in home improvements.

 More fabric arrived  - all safely packed away from the work - i will show in detail soon i hope. My website is coming along and i really cant wait to show of some of it.... but look out for
miss gingers

Frank is so excited too...... ha ha!


  1. The house is coming along nicely, and the fabric is looking very lovely! xxx

  2. Wow, your deer head light is magnificent. xx

  3. Ooooh! Look at all those fabrics!!! Would love to have a play around with them all! :-)
    I can see that dear Frank is beside himself with excitement!