Monday, 2 September 2013

A year of my life...part one -

So here we are, the end of the summer is approaching and its time for back to school. I was walking to my corner shop and the sun was out and I was thinking how glad I am to live where I do. I bought and moved into my house just over a year ago and I love it. It is a small little house still in need of some work and due to my fear of a drill, pictures still lean against the walls waiting to be put up and a lack of cash means we still live with the rather in your face old carpet, but it is getting there and it does feel 'all mine'.
Being a single mum can be hard work, I don't get any support from their dad but again I don't mind (most of the time!) because it is again all down to me and they are fabulous kids. So when my daughter did well enough in her A levels this year to go to uni I was so proud of her.
And when my son got really great result in his four early GCSE's I was equally as proud. No picture of sons as I have been banned!!!
 I have made lots of mistakes through the years but I so pleased to have two fab children, a funky little house, a cute naughty dog and hairy mad cat!
I gave up my full time teaching job to concentrate on Miss Ginger's but knowing I needed good hard cash to pay the bills I asked around for work and have ended up having to work full time again. I didn't want to turn work down in case I didn't get anymore.... the joy of the self employed?!!
Any as anyone who has known my blog for any length of time will know that my heart is with Miss Gingers. The website has had a great start and I have already had to order more fabric. So please do check it out and I would love to hear your comments on it.



  1. I popped over to your site and I think it's lovely. Simple, classy and easy to navigate, hope you get loads of orders and you do well xx

  2. Your daughter is so beautiful! And your doggy is so cute!
    You must be so proud of you kids! Well done to both of them! :-)