Sunday, 29 September 2013

reminder and makes...

Firstly let me remind you that 

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Now for me today I have been very good, and stayed in all weekend making the most of a child free environment and relaxing after some super busy weeks and a nasty cold.

On Thursday I had to drive my daughter to Loughborough to start her life at a student and grown up. Much tears on way home but also so happy to see her making her way in life. Proud Mummy! My lovely boy hasn't been at home this weekend so peace has hit my little house. After catching up with some house work (I am currently waiting for my kitchen floor to dry - rock and roll huh!) I have got most things I need to do done. I have cut the fabric ready to send tomorrow (dont forget to order today if you want to use the discount and it will also be sent tomorrow) So now I am wondering what to do. .... I want to make something. I am still knitting and my daughter wants me to knit her something but it is sewing that is calling me. Now I am going to get onto something - I have told you I will ,  which means I must !!! What is everyone else making?

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