Tuesday, 15 April 2014

hello stranger....

What's been happening while I have been away for such a long time? I have had a read of some of your blogs and I am so impressed with all that has been going on while I have been away.
As for me? I have been building up my fabric stock, and selling from my website, while trying to fit in a few makes while teaching full time and being a mum and dog owner. Sometimes things have to give, but I have today done some gardening and with some trepidation , thought it was time to blog again.
So for my first blog for donkeys years, I thought I should show you some of the makes from my customers. I do really really really - yes really - love it when people take the time to send in pictures of the things that they have made and here is a selection.

so different and so lovely!
Now I am of to finish the dress I am in the middle of - its the collar and I'm putting it of as its my first. I am , oops is that the time? I better make tea first...

Loads of love

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  1. Hello there!! What lovely things people make!! I love it so much when customers send me pics, or share them on FB, or show me on their phones when they come in next time. I feel like the midwife who helped them give birth!
    I hope we get to see the dress when it is done too :-) Mx