Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Hornimans and all

This is the very famous (well in south East London) Walrus. Last weekend we had just a little time and decided to nip down to the gem of a museum called Hornimans. We are so lucky to have it near to home. I took my children all the time when they were little and it made me quite nostalgic. There are many stuffed animals and then my favourite room, which has displays from Haiti.

Lots of weird and wonderful offerings to the gods

That I could look at for hours! Oh how I wish I could go to Haiti

Then half termed arrived. I really hard half term, left me quite exhausted and left me with a constant headache and feeling very tired. A few early nights and some cleaning ( I am always arranging my shelves) has got me nearly back on track and ready to do some making.

I am really enjoying making lampshades

My dress making continues to need some practise, but I intend to make good of the skill in the end!!!
Happy Half term to anyone having a break this week

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  1. I love your dressmaking skills, very pretty dress!! Your vacation pics look beautiful, too. That blue water is gorgeous.