Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Dogs and Greenwich market.

One of the great things about being at Greenwich market is the amount is the dogs that come through.
Being right next to Greenwich park means that people often walk their dog and then come along to shop and eat. As I massive dog lover it makes me happy to see them and I thought I would take a picture of some. All very different with some great names.
firstly meet Sadie - a big floppy schnauzer (I want one!)
I love a English bulldog 
 bother and sister Huxley and Maisie
Pablo (who had a wonderful grin) 
well behaved staffie with his bandana..oscar
Ron the chocolate lab - and maybe the best name !
so if you have a dog , love a dog come and have a lovely day out! and of course you could always buy some fabric from me to make your own smart bandana for your best friend.

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