Tuesday, 21 September 2010

busy day and 3 new kittens.

so today i was going to make a top with this lovely material i bought - but yes - the lovely Agnes gave birth and i found myself running up and down stairs all day checking on her and the new babies. the size of her i thought she was going to have 10... but there was 3.
i think this one will be the image of her mum. name...?

dont you think this one looks like a boy?

looks more like a little pig! they are so tiny!

I did manage to do a leaflet for a knit club i hope to start, if i can get enough interest. i used this picture. It's just a few bits i have knitted - i hope it's interesting and catches some interest.

while i was busy with new kittens and washing and making leaflets, the lovely Lettice got hold of the tea cosy i am making at the moment.

Can i forgive her? She was attacking the flowers my sister got me for my birthday. She has been banned from meeting her half siblings until they are bigger.
Maybe she did the tea cosy out of revenge!
any ideas how i can get Joe to let us keep one of the kittens.....


  1. Glad the kittens popped out fine - sorry the knitting got the brunt of Lettice's jealousy!

    Afraid I'm out of tactics to keep one, I'm definitely not an 'animal person' since I am the one who would end up doing all the feeding/cleaning/taking to the vet etc etc. Maybe that's the answer - promise to do all this unconditionally and there can be no objections? Might work! Mind you, with 2 already, Joe might not notice!

  2. After a lifetime of kids and pets I am now down to one of each and life is so much simpler. Still - it was fun while it lasted!