Sunday, 26 September 2010

making bunting

This is a little blog to show you how i make my bunting. I hope it's he helpful. People make it in various ways but I (in the words of Frank Sinatra) do it my way!

Firstly cut out a template for how big you would like your triangle. Mine is about 21 cm across, and the side are 25. You can see all the pin hole in my tenplate above.
I pin the tenplate to the material rather than drawing on it. I find that you need about 15 for 3 metres.

Turn your triangles, so that the right side of the material is facing each over, ready to sew them together.

Sew down both sides (leave the top) by starting down one side and go close to the corner. leave needle in and turn to sew down over side. Having the bunting double sided really makes it better. It takes longer and is obviously more expensive, using more material, but it makes it stronger and looks lovely no matter which way you hang it.

turn right side out (red nail varnish an advantage) making sure you push the corner fully to give a nice point.

Once you have made a few, give them all an iron and use pinking shears to cut along the top. As well making it look dandy it also will stop it fraying.

nows the time to put them in a beautiful order and sew them onto your bunting tape

then all you have to is is hang it up! and enjoy...

as you can see from this picture i mix the materials i use to with a loose colour scheme. I made this bunting for my daughter Isabel to say well done for getting an academic achievement award at school. (she doesn't take after me - you've seen my spelling! )
If you dont want to make your own i do sell mine.
miss ginger makes ........bunting.


  1. Lovely bunting Miss Ginger. I cheat and make mine by cutting with pinking shears and then double sided sew straight to the ribbon and merely sewing sides together. (See my blog). Mine was to go outside bike shop for opening so perhaps I can be forgiven for cheating on 50 foot lengths! Yours looks better and more professional and perfect for indoors. I may even buy some as am sick of making it already! Thanks for tutorial.

  2. HI Verity,

    I've checked out your blog, looking great, this is a blog I like I think you might also enjoy...
    Looking forward to next Tuesday ! C xx