Sunday, 17 October 2010

chipped nails and a sorting sunday

It's been a busy weekend. I had been feeling a little low and lacking inspiration for projects. No money and my dream of opening my own haberdashy, craft center an impossible dream. i need to give myself a bit of a kick up the butt. The first thing was time for a spring clean! the whole house has been scrubbed and tidied. the washing basket is empty (probably the first time in a year!) so my nails look hideous - though i have been told that the latest look on the cat walk is chipped nails...still going to do mine tonight. I'll keep with the vintage look!

I do a lot of my sewing and stuff in the garage - which I have re named my 'country cottage'. It is at the back of my house in the garden, so even though it is south east London, I like to pretend i am in my little cottage by the sea. I can dream!

some bits i have made and in the process of making. spot the body of father christmas!

i had let it get into a right pickle

but nice and clean now

i made an apple and raspberry crumble. its about the only time i can get my son to eat fruit.

The apples from my garden. I have loads and I only know how to make apple crumble. I may try apple pie later and freeze it.

my beautiful apple tree. I would really hate to see them go to waste.

Not just cleaning but caring for all the cats and kittens.
As you can see the kittens are doing well. They are starting to move around, and so i will try them on solids soon. i still have to find homes for them all. They have been moved from my sons drawer. Noah will be able to put his clothes away now. Bet he still doesn't...

Delilah, Hugo, and Albert playing

i was very excited to get my wool delivered. i treated myself to this wool - so expensive! i have made lots of little things recently and really wanted a proper big project.

I have already made a good start. it is really easy to knit, i hope it will look good when done.

i got it from this Rowan book. i like quite a few of the patterns in there. i may look to see if i can find the equivalent wool thats cheaper if i do another project. if anyone know a good website that can help you do this i would love to know.

maybe i decided to go for this one as she is infront of a sewing maching....
so everything is now clean and i have no excuses left. i am thinking some christmas decorations. i know it's early but they can take a while.
although - how do you make apple pie!?!


  1. My goodness you have been so busy!! The garage retreat sounds (and looks) superb! I am very jealous of your apple tree and crumble too!

    The kittens look lovely now (I won't show my kiddies, as they are getting to the age when they want one, and I still don't!).

    As for the knitting, I am in awe - I am staring at the few balls of wool I have to start my crochet adventures and they are giving me palpitations, I have no patience and hate it when things don't go how they are meant to.

    What's happened about your 'haberdashery' idea? Never give up xx

  2. I always have chipped nails ... think it is part of being a mother. Lovely pics ... and the food looks too good to eat!