Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Ardingly antique fair and vintage haberdashery

Today i went to Ardingly fair. The weather was awful but i was brave and did the whole market, spending 5 hours wondering around. It wasn't too busy - i think the weather put people of. i was on the hunt for vintage haberdashery and i did ok! i was distracted by lots of other bits and could have spent a fortune. I was strong and stuck to business.. well nearly. i did love the above fairground man in a box. I think he would look brilliant in my house.

I resisted the chalet style dolls house...

The inside stalls were busier but only about 1 degree warmer! At least we were dry.

I really like taxidermy, not sure why as i am a vegetarian etc. i was really tempted, luckily i knew i couldn't afford it and think the family would not have been impressed when i got home.

these vintage handbags were gorgeous, expensive but fabulous. The one i liked best was £135..and crocodile for a veggie meant i walked away...

but i did get this 40's french fabric

and this vintage ribbon

and some lovely old knitting patterns..Everyone needs a bedcape,x.
I bought lots more and will show you in next blog. oh the joy! lots of material and patterns and...

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