Wednesday, 27 October 2010

vintage haberdashery - latest buys

As promised here are the lovely fabrics and bits i bought from the fair yesterdaynot just lots of buttons, some cotton and the lovely vintage bag bit...
some great knitting patterns

things to make with felt and great knitted toys - the lion and house are my favourite. Inside the felt book are some great ideas too.

these three books i got together

some lovely turn of the century lace

50's ribbon

french vintage



so there was some of my lovely bits - now what do do with them all? sell them on as they are or make things? i think the 80's would make great kitchen curtains - and the cushion are calling me..ideas?


  1. What a lovely haul!! I think I would end up just keeping it all in a lovely pile and just look at it grinning!! Cushions sound good though - make sure you show us what you create.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing what toys you make :-).....wht do you think of these tiles?.....I'm in love with the vintage patchwork ones for my bathroom, and the jellies ones for behind my new cooker..

    C x

  3. oh my! i am so jealous! what gorgeous stuff! we should start up a vintage pattern library! I've got loads of knitting patterns! I love them!
    only i don't know if i could let them out of my sight!

    mrs woo

  4. vintage library sounds good to me! i have been looking at all the bits and still haven't decided. been making christmas decorations, which i will hopefully show later - but the first hasn't come out very well!

  5. Hi Verity!
    Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog! I'm now following you too.
    I love your vintage buys - I also "collect" basically my whole house is one great big collection :-) I have a Picasa album of my collections which you can find through my gallery on my blog. I keep adding photos when time allows.
    I was going to email you but I see that you don't have an email contact on your blogger profile - it's a good idea if you get an email address for your blog account, that way you can enter give-a-ways and also get feedback through your blog. I usually email my thank you to new followers.

    Love the kittens.... too bad I'm way over "downunder"!

    Happy Sewing!