Sunday, 31 October 2010

makes and kittens

the kittens are all doing well and are very sweet. They are now on solids, and learning to use the litter tray. Which they better get better at soon, as i keep finding little brown 'left behinds' on the floor.
We still haven't got homes for them all and I am a bit worried that we may end up the mad cat family if we are not careful.
This morning their was a big crash while we were enjoying a lie in....the little cute tiny kittens had managed to knock over a picture i had made, and had balanced in the fire place.

Luckily they had just knocked it over making it come away from the frame. The material has all moved around, and a few of the bits had fallen of. I will be able to fix it and will do later tonight if i get the chance. It's not very proffessional but i like it! I did it after a lovely day trip to the beach and it is only the second picture i have done like this.
After all the damage the terrible three did i still let them have breakfast..
and no broken glass so i sneaked back to bed.

Albert tried to look innocent..but i think he was probably the ring leader
i did make a couple of christmas decorations. last year i made a few of these dogs and did manage to sell a couple.

the mushroom may not look that christmasy but it will suit my tree.

i love this dog - he is plain but sweet. (see how i have done dogs not cats..)

I have nearly finished a soldier decoration.
using my usual way - drawing out a template for the clothes

and the body

cutting out the felt

the features all sewn on - i just need to sew together now

while Lettice sleeps in her basket with her dog friends...


  1. Now you have summed up all that is good and bad about pets! Look like butter wouldn't melt, and nice for a cuddle, but make too much mess!!

    I do like the picture though - I have so many bags of things picked up on holiday and days out waiting to be displayed, and really must get some of those deep frames. I saw some in The Range the other week, and think once we get moved, that will definitely be on my 'to do list'.

    Loving the soldier!

  2. Oh babies - love the look of Albert. I would happily home a wee boy kitten if you were in Wellington or even New Zealand!!