Friday, 25 February 2011

day trip

Last day today of half term - where did it go? It was decided that we would force ourselves from our beds and sofa watching TV to go out for the day.
Wake up Frank!
We headed to Whitstable as it is one of the nearest and nicest seaside towns to us. One hour in the car and we arrived. Walking Frank on the beach and going down this alley (before we got chips) to look at houses...
i like to pretend that i could move here or buy a second home.....
As well as vintage and crafts I also love looking at houses.

i think this one would be my place by the sea when my lottery numbers come up!

Aquick look in the fabric shop

Followed by chips on the beach and Frank meeting the sea.

How funny is this picture! My daughter had just thrown a stone and it hit a sea gull - i caught her expression just after.

While my son rested

Back home i must finish this banner....

happy days with my children.


  1. What a lovely day! Since a seagull stole an ice cream out of my hand on holiday in St Ives about 7 years ago, I've borne a grudge, so give Isabel a big high five from me!

  2. Where do you live Miss Ginger? I'm not far from Whitstable. Might go there at the weekend in fact. I love that fabric shop! x

  3. Hi, that looks like a lovely day, very funny picture of your daughters expression! I've been away and only just seen the award, thanks very much!
    : )

  4. What a lovely day out ~ love the looks of 'Hope Cottage' x

  5. i am in south east london Lee - which is near blackheath..

  6. The houses look great, you're so lucky to be living at the seaside, I dream of North Devon.

    Bee happy x