Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Greenwich Park inspiration

On tuesdays i have the joy of not having to go into work. It is my day to make and plan for craft and sewing projects, as well as trying to get my selling of the ground. With a new puppy it also means i get to spend the day with my new puppy Frank.Today we went to Greenwich Park. I think it probably the best park in London. I also love winter and how beautiful all the trees all look. i love the way the branches twist together, making it look like a fairy tale.
Frank liked sniffing them while i admired. He was such a good boy - with an hour of lead and staying by me and being nice to joggers and other dogs. Bliss
(not bad for 13 weeks old)

You get great views of London and although this is not the best, i do love that amoungst all the greenery you can see Canary Wharf in the distance

And this tree is going to help me make my next picture that I bought a frame for last week .
Happy cold but lovely tuesday everyone.


  1. Looks lovely. My favourite parks are Bushy (which funnily enough, is full of bushes) and Osterly...but I'm a cold-phobic so prefer midsummer walks!

  2. Happy Feb 1st - lucky you having a day off in the week - I'm angling for Wednesdays off after the summer once the girls start school... you are making it look like a very good idea!

  3. cant recommend it enough! the cut in salary i hard but i honestly think the time is worth a lot more. go for it! x

  4. How lovely that you don't work Tuesdays, and that you get to go to Greenwich park. I went to school on Crooms Hill and used to walk down the hill to the bus stop through the park with my friends. I love it there; I love Queen Elizabeth I's tree. Small world :)

  5. Thank you for the bunting love. Hope you don't mind me butting in, but I too have taken a pay cut in order to have more time recently and I am loving it. The pay sacrifice has definitely been worth it for me. And your photographs make me miss London! Time for a visit, me thinks.