Monday, 7 February 2011

painting and pets

It has been such a busy week, running around after kids and dogs, work and craft.The cats have been watching from the safety of upstairs. They really wanted to come downstairs but were busy looking out for the dog!
i met up with family and took the dog to ashdown forest.Its the home of Winnie the pooh and does have the river where the you can play pooh sticks. On the way home i forced everyone to go in the winnie the pooh shop. The outside is lovely but i am sorry to say that inside did not match.....

I haven't really made anything as i have been busy painting the dresser that i got at the auction
it is going to atke a few coats, but i am really pleased.

I can not wait to put all my bits on it. (hurry up and dry! i have got some great new things to sell...)
Tomorrow its of to the bank to open a business account- how very grown up!


  1. Wow, that dresser made my heart skip - it must be part of the same range my Grandpa had - I had the wardrobe until we moved, (then Dad took the doors back to 'play' with, and my parents still have the tallboy!

    It's looking great!

    Good luck at the bank x

  2. I love your dresser - I hope you post another pic in all its glory soon :) Love your peeping cats!

  3. The dresser is going to look amazing when it's all filled up. Great job x

  4. I love the dresser. Look forward to seeing all your bits and bobs on it!

  5. Your dresser is going to look amazing, can't wait to see it with all it's pretty things on show. What a shame about the Winnie the Pooh shop. Lots of these little places really fail on the gift shop side. Last year we went to Portland Castle and not one item in the shop had anything to do with the actual castle, apart from the tour guide on the way in. xx