Tuesday, 8 February 2011

dresser dressed

The dresser i bought at auction, that sat in my living room while waiting for some TLC has now been dressed and moved into my crafty area... i enjoyed filling the shelf and giving it the Miss Ginger look..
A knitted cake

i love this french vintage material from the 1930's

60's tea set

A line of beads and buttons in jars

My all time favourite tin. It is for sale, but very expensive as it is so old and rare

and da da all together

thank you to the lovely people who encouraged me to be brave enough to paint. I am so glad did.

A few books on top for ideas - some ribbon and examples.

i'm on a roll! Of out there again now to make..


  1. That looks wonderful! I love the colour and you've done it so nicely. Gorgeous tea set too :)

  2. Superb! I love the balls of wool, simple but look great xx

  3. Wowzers! Looks lovely! And re hat - go for it! They have it in red and grey. I shall be getting the grey one too :)

  4. It looks lovely x

  5. You have done a great job, well done ~ it all looks lovely x

  6. Wow that looks gorgeous, I love the colour! Thanks for your lovely comment on my post : )

  7. How gorgeous - what a super colour! You have a great eye for picking colours out, clearly. It's perfect for it, and goes so well with the dark red rug we can see peeping in the bottom of one of the photos! x

  8. Thankyou for your kind comments on my blog :0)
    I LOVE that dresser, it's gorgeous!
    And that tea set is so sunny and just right for a sunny spring days afternoon tea!
    Mmmmm..could just love that fabric too :0)
    Have a great weekend. x