Saturday, 12 February 2011

ribbon and cotton

After all the lovely comments i had to paint the shelf next to the dresser the same colour. I told you i was on a roll! It also means that i can now see what cotton and ribbons i actually have - rather than hidden in tins.
I took up a dress for my sister yesterday, will it be the right length? She is doing my hair
on monday night (great to have a hairdresser in the family) so if the dress is too short maybe she will give me a skinhead?
shall i go to brighton tomorrow.....


  1. As you are on such a super roll I reckon staying in with a packet of biscuits and sewing machine might be the best bet if it's raining! x

  2. It looks just as lovely....let's hope you don't end up a skin head! Did you try the Dior foundation? x

  3. That looks great and very neat, I like the idea of being able to find everything. I have mine in tins and boxes and its a pain in the bottom having to sought through them x

  4. biscuits and sewing machine! and maybe a pop to get the dior foundation and hat form marks...

  5. Love the shelf looks great with those threads and ribbons on.
    have a great week x