Sunday, 13 February 2011

where the weekend gone?

Firstly, before a weekend round up. why does my young cat Lettice like to sit in the bath after it has just been used? although most of the water has gone she still gets wet. i thought cats hated water? every time!i went to my local auction house again on saturday and picked up some bargains
Loads of picture frames - no glass or back for £8

And two beautiful old sewing machines for £20

Best news of the weekend was my dress i bought from Etsy 3 weeks ago arrived, and best of all it fits, if not a little big. (Dont be fooled into thinking i'm a slim, i pulled the belt right in!). i love it and just need an excuse to wear it now.

my favourite bag would suit?
Can't believe it's sunday night, the weekend whizzed by, but just a week to go and it's half term.


  1. What a cool haul!! The dress was definitely worth the wait - and that silver sewing machine is fab!

  2. Love those sewing machines!

    I also love your blog and have awarded it a Stylish Blogger Award! Please visit my blog at for more info!
    Wendy x

  3. great finds!! and my cat used to do that after a bath too ... I think it's the warmth? - thanks for popping by my blogette :) Pleased I've found yours now!

  4. Fantastic finds, especially the purse. Our cats like to get into the tub too. I thought that they may like the warmth. They roll around..cute.

  5. Hi, new follower here......awww, I love your kitten! Sooo cute. My cat would never go anywhere near our bath.

  6. What a beautiful post !
    Gorgeous dress, sewing machines, bag and cat! Not sure yet about the frames LOL
    have a great weekend x

  7. I am not a yellow person but that dress is divine!