Tuesday, 15 February 2011

retro craft magazines knitting and crochet

It has been a hectic tuesday, trying to get on top of my to do list. One of which was putting some bits on etsy. i love this dog and think my little frank may look like this soon if i dye him pink...
Isnt this witch super (maybe it's the teacher in me who likes the educational value of the numbers.....nah!)Frank got a long walk in the park, so slept while i added (but i didnt dye him pink)

noddy and big ears

this is taken from a 70's woolworths knitting book 1969 crochet book

It maybe too late for valentines, but honestly what man wouldn't like this country look crochet tie?.
i am actually tempted to make one, bet they are quick!

and a '56 stithcraft

i have just read i have won a blog award..(how lovely is that!!) so am going to try and think of the 7 things i have to write about myself and how you create a link in your blog.
i must get better at this tech stuff!


  1. The magazines look great. Congrats on your award.

  2. Oh your dog is cute! He looks so soft and fluffy :).

  3. That little witch is really sweet - you can tell that's a pattern book from the 70s - its just a tad on the colourful side, which I liked then and do now.

  4. I love Frank, he is a a cutie! I think he looks relieved you didn't dye him pink ;) I read your post about your kitty in the bath, I've got 2 tabby cats and one hates water and the over loves water, always in the bath tub and he even splashes in his water bowl! Nice to have found your Blog, Catherine x