Saturday, 19 February 2011

stylish blog award.

Very kindly i have been awarded this award from the lovely

the rules are that i now tell you 7 things about myself and then pass on the award to the blogs that i feel deserve a special thank you. If it is you, you then do the same!

1 - I used to work at the Houses of Parliament as an education officer before going back into teaching. It was amazing building to work in. I never got over the feeling of amazement when walking round and passing famous faces.

It is a truely amazing building - so full of history and drama. I could bore you forever with facts...

2) I am a vegetarian and have been since i was 13. It would have been 9, but i was living with my gran for a year and the horrid teacher (Mrs Ballace, still remember her!) said a letter from my gran wasn't good enough and i had to eat meat at school. So i tried again later!

3) When i was 13 i lived in France with my mum and one of my sisters. We lived in Rouen which is famous for Jean of Arc. (she had red hair)

it is a very beautiful city - but i have not been back!
Maybe it was my age but i really did not like living there and i failed french later at school. oopps

4) I love Pee Wee Herman! i think he is so funny and i dream of living in a house likes his in the film Pee Wee's big adventure.

5) Of course as anyone who has read my blog i love all things vintage, the music, the fashion, the films. One of my favourite is Brief encounter..

6) i have 3 tattoos and am planning number is not the one below, but i do quite like it!

7) And last but not least - i have ginger hair! I was really teased as a kid and called an Urangutan. Now i love Urangutans as i feel we have a ginger connection! My other nick name was galen from The Planet of the apes...

i actually get very cross about insult to red heads now and its one of the reasons i called my business miss gingers -

yes - i am red and proud! so a finger to all the people who teased me!

now onto who i would like to pass the award onto.

If i have written any blog names incorrectly please let me know...i should have also added that i am slightly dyslexic. x i could have awarded many more - i love the blogs i follow and the support i get from the people who kindly follow me.


  1. Thank You so much darling! That is so kind of you love Annie xx

  2. Crikey lady - I don't think I have anything as interesting as yours for my 7 things!
    Thank you for thinking of me, I will ponder and post tomorrow xx
    I am loving the idea of a stitching tattoo - there are some crazy and painful ones out there - full size Singer sewing machine anyone?!

  3. Congrats on the award. Thanks for sharing your fun facts and your photos.

  4. Thank you for thinking of me! I, too, do not like people who tease redheads, I had a generous gleam of copper in my hair in my youth as did my hubby (bless him, he is mainly grey now, but his sideburns are still ginger!)

    Shirl xxx

  5. Thank you so much for my award! Lovely to read your 7, now I'd better get my thinking cap on :) x

  6. Hey :) Thanks so much for awarding me this - very humbled. However, I have won this one already - you can see my rambling 7 answers here:-

    Thanks again!
    ps) I am SO jealous that you used to work at the HofP!

  7. I was called gingernut/biscuit at school! My hair has just got redder and redder over the years, now I dye/tint it to exaggerate the redness, a readhead and PROUD!

  8. Thank you so much for the award, you Ginger Beauty you! I love red hair even though I'm a brunette. I've always thought red hair is breathtaking.
    I am dreaming of my next tattoo as well. I really like that idea...I'm thinking of a vintage singer and buttons hmm...decisions, decisions!

  9. I was called Duracell at school ...copper coloured top. I'm much darker now and I've never worried about my hair colour, stuff them.

    Love your facts, what a nasty teacher making you eat meat. Thanks very much for passing on the award, I will post about next week xxxx

  10. Congratulations on your award & thanks so much for passing it on to me :) Love your facts, kids can be so cruel can't they!. I have brown hair but used to dye it red until I got fed up with it fading so quickly and having to re-do it every couple of weeks. Nothing wrong with being a red head :o)

  11. Hello,
    found your blog via another one. Iama feloow crafter and love to meet other creative people through blogland.
    I love your yellow dress, the one you bought from etsy. I also noticed a marvellous dresser. It looks very sweet with the cute treasures on it.
    Good luck on your shop.It sounds really interesting and fun.
    Tracy,from Romi and Bob

  12. Congats on getting this lovely award and how sweet of you to pass it on to me :) I had to giggle about you liking pee wee herman *grin*. I used to love watching him to as a kid and my sister and I would practice laughing just like him! So fun to read about you :)

  13. Hi chick thank ypu very much for the award!

  14. Thanks Miss Ginger :) It must have been brilliant working at the Houses of Parliament, I love the outside but still must take an inside tour one day.

  15. You sound like a delight to be dad is a red head (was one) he is gray now, he is 80 year's young.
    How impressive working at the parliament...I am in awe. I loved all of your picture's, your blog is divine. Thank's for dropping by.
    It is one of my dream's to see England.

  16. Hi
    Found your blog today after seeing you on Beautiful Dees blog.

    Love the blog name, have always been envious of red heads so I married one!

    Bee happy x