Monday, 4 April 2011

oooooo arrrrrrr

Today i choice my first dress pattern..... it said it was simple to make and doesn't have zip, so the plan tomorrow is make this without swearing or crying.. i am going to make it with this material. i loved this too so thought i would try and make a simple a line skirt. Think i may have run away with myself.!
They go well together too, so i am hoping for some left over fabric for a cushion.
I haven't forgot my royal knitting and all the body parts have been made for Camilla!
Can you spot the legs?


  1. I love the 'Camilla' - it looks like there has been some horrible catastrophe - you really made me laugh!!

    Can't wait to see the frock - beautiful fabric - good luck!

  2. Oh, lovely fabric. Look forward to seeing your dress- and Camilla, of course!

  3. You're busy crafter! The dress style looks perfect for keeping cool on a Summers day and the fabric you have chosen is very pretty. Good Luck with it...can't wait to see the result of your endeavours.

  4. Very pretty fabric....your so brave making your own dress. The pattern looks lovely, I would wear it over leggings or cropped jeans, not brave enough for a dress though :P xx

  5. Love the fabrics you have chosen, the dress is so pretty, such a lovely summer dress :) good luck!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  6. Look forward to seeing your dress - the fabrics are lovely. Scarlett x

  7. That dress is gonna be gorgeous!