Tuesday, 5 April 2011

the ups and downs of making my first dress

I have had a busy day trying to make my first dress.

The dress Pattern all laid out making me scratch my head. Luckily my mum came over to help, despite declaring she hadn't made a dress for 30 years. It did seem at times that it was the blind leading the blind! But mum was much better than me!

I decided to trace over the pattern and cut the tracing paper, that way i can use the pattern again if successful... I was happy with all the fabric cut out and the pockets put in their correct position.
Lettice tried to get my attention..
Mum had now gone home and i was left to fit the top straps. AND yes, you got it, i got flustered and gave up!
i did do the hem (even i can do a hem!)
And did sew on the pockets..

Now its gone 8 in the evening and i still have to write my business plan (boring!).

i will do the neck of dress as i really want to wear it (as suggested i will wear over jeans until i win the lottery when i will wear it on a beach in thailand...).



  1. No pain, no gain!!! It's going to look brilliant! Keep going.

  2. Looking good so far - good luck for finishing it :o) Scarlett x

  3. aaawwww this post reminded me of when i made my first dress. I cut it all out and then got stuck so i waited for my mum to come down and we spent the day working it out after that the same principle really relates to most dresses ;-)) Keep going with it you will be so chuffed with yourself when you have it finished love the fabric very pretty ;-)) dee x

  4. Aw, it looks so pretty. Keep going, girl!

  5. It's looking good so far, good luck with the rest, and with winning the lottery!
    : )

  6. It looks great so far.....don't keep up :) xx

    Keep Calm and Carry On !!!

  7. It's coming along nicely now, can't wait to see the finished product!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. That fabric is gorgeous! and so is your kitty cat, such a cute name too :)
    Hope your dress goes well!
    Ashley x

  9. Lettice is being so ... helpful! I adore kitty's, but they sure know how to get in the way when one is working on a project! LOL!