Tuesday, 12 April 2011

in need of a cash injection!

I need money! so have spent the last couple of days putting things on ebay. I haven't 'ebayed' for years so felt quite nervous. Why - i'm not sure... I have had this vintage dolls house kitchen set for nearly a year. Bought because i just couldn't resist. Which probably explains why i am broke! I love it so so so much and hope it goes to a good home (for a good price!). Its 1950's and perfect. sons shoes he wore once!
a skirt that is too big for me
a bag i never use
sons t shirts - quite sad i loved him in these.
sons shirt he bought and then didn't like!
another dress too big for me
and daughters dress.

All in all i have put about 15 items on. i hope they do well as .........

i have found the shop i want! anyone want to invest in it!!!???

On thursday i am doing a stall at greenwich market to sell my vintage material.

Wish me luck Next blog will show my dress i have nearly finished and some other makes i promise.



  1. Good luck with ebay, good luck with the market, and if I have good luck with the lottery, I'll be in on the shop!!

  2. I hope that Ebay will bring good results. Just to warn you that over the Easter holidays it might be a bit quieter than usual. That is what I have found. Do you sell your vintage fabrics online too apart from the market?
    Good luck with your dress. I love the fabric that you have chosen.
    Isabelle x

  3. Good luck with the ebaying - im a regular ebayer as need to sell stuff to make room for all my newer thrifty buys! Would love to be in on a shop too :o) just need that lotto win as well. Scarlett x

  4. How exciting about the shop! Tell us more...

    Good luck with the ebaying, I must do some too, and stop buying things which don't quite fit me. Ugh, it's just so time consuming though, and I get obsessive checking how many watchers I have etc. So much like blogging...hmm.

  5. By the way, like your new look blog, very pretty.

  6. Oh, green docs. They'd go so well with my red ones. If only I were, "not the other side of the world" closer. Good luck!

  7. Good luck on ebay ~ hope you manage to make a buck or two :0) xx

  8. Good luck with everything, dee x

  9. Is that a Boden skirt and a Joules dress, both so cute!

    Good luck, hope you sell loads :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  10. What sweet dolly furniture! I bet it will sell in a jiffy! There are a lot of doll collectors out there.