Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I love London (sometimes)

What a busy day - I had to take my fabulous daughter (she really is the best daughter a mum could have) to St Thomas hospital for an appointment. It is only for her little finger, as they wont go straight. She has been having physio and we had to check with the nice doctor that it was working. They are a bit straighter so we left happy despite my daughter saying he had horrid coffee breathe..

I got to do some cross stitch before we left ready to hang in the shop (fingers and toes crossed)

As we were in central London we decided to do some window shopping I have the cook book for the Humming bird bakery so it was fun to see the shop and i liked the way they displayed the cakes But i LOVED the way this bakery used fake grass stuck on the window. Doesn't it look good?
We went to china town
Chinese sweets
I really wanted to see Kleins. Its a haberdashery in soho and has been around for years and i have never been through the doors - until now.

Take a look at the sneaky pics i took..


i was very naughty and pulled back curtains to reveal lovely old drawers full of goodies
i have never seen so much ribbon

Back home and my daughter Isabel finished the cow she has been making for her Duke if Edinborough award
Isn't it good?!
Beware rude picture below...............

My lovely puppy messy up the cushion i made, and the clothes i had ironed, that will teach me not to put it away.

And i got a solicitor for shop..

now to pack everything up for this little piggy goes to market tomorrow. I will let you know if i sell anything.



  1. What a great day - that haberdashery shop is wonderful (so I better stay away), and glad things are moving with yours! Adore the moo - 'Well done Isabel" said in my best knitted Duke of Edinburgh voice!

  2. That sounds like a great day - glad your daughter's fingers are 'going straight' and hope she had some nice Chinese sweets. That cow is BRILLIANT and has a great expression - does she have a name? Good luck tomorrow.

  3. Sounds like you had a great day - love the sneaky pictures! Scarlett x

  4. The cow is wonderful - I love the curly topknot!
    Kleins looks great, I've never been there either and I've lived here for ages now! Mind you I don't get to go into the centre that often anymore and when I do it's evenings...

  5. I fell in love with Highlands cows when we travelled around the UK. He looks gorgeous. And now I want to go shopping in London.

  6. Shop loves fab, I adore ribbons and buttons :) Your daughters project is amazing, so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Hi we were in London on Saturday and my three girls had a great time in China Town it made me chuckle to see the sweets as they bought some and they thought they were fabulous. Great cow!