Saturday, 14 May 2011

don't mock until you have tried it....

I can hear the groans.. and some of you may not have even got as far as reading this bit, when you worked out that yes ......
I'm talking eurovision!
I am mad for it. Best night of the year in my opinion. If i dont go to see the show (i have watched it live in Denmark, Latvia and turkey) i have a big party. Everyone who comes has to bring a drink and dish from a country picked out of a hat. We play games and have score cards. Honestly we have so so much fun and always have brilliant food.

 I have already been promised tart au pomme, humous and flat bread, Pavlova, and curry (UK) i have bought some lovely prosecco and will be making pizza in a bit, and some stuffed mushrooms, as i am Italy.
so if you are in tonight, go on go on i bet you have fun! The bbc eurovision website has lots of party ideas - including eye spy.. and score cards. Enjoy and let your hair down euro style!Kids love it too!
Now i better get to the bookies to place my bets.
I think these will do well
UK (yes really)
Ireland (Jedwood seem to charm....)
or a couple more.. !
Ha ha let the fun begin. I'm of to cook and hang my eurovision bunting!
boom bang a bang


  1. Have a brilliant skirt ripping night! I have a bit of a pash for Antony in Blue so I will be having a good lust session!

  2. I love it too (i blame my inner drag queen and all my gay males friends!). Thats awesome that you've been to it live!! Have a fab evening. Scarlett x

  3. I agree, I just love the bit at the end too when they do the scoreboard, especially when it's a close one! Sarah x

  4. I love this post :o)

    You go for it my lovely, and have some fun!
    Enjoy. Donna xx

  5. hun im ready too!!!! so much more prepared than last year having watched semi's. im in blue and have my union jack alice band. i'm ready with russian vodka and salmon coulibiac. bexxie76

  6. You are bonkers but you know I love you!!
    I will watch just because of you! Have a brilliant evening x

  7. Hope your having a fantastic evening xx

  8. I enjoyed watching it, but think your party sounds much more fun! The show was great (and lovely to see Duncan, mmmmm) but there was nothing that was WOW for me, except Graham!

  9. fab party shame about the result!!!!! and they loved my salmon coulibiac. oh Verity it was a shame we did not do well but theres alway nxt year. xxx thanks for a great night. bexxie76

  10. Hope you had a great evening!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!