Tuesday, 17 May 2011

with pleasure comes pain..

Now, as some of my people who read my post on saturday will now, it was a big day for me.
A party at my house for the Eurovision song contest. I was up at seven cleaning and shopping.
Making everything eurovision friendly..

Flags to hide the messy kitchen!
Everyone bought amazing food, which i just think looks fab with all the flags in. These two pictures don't show the half of what we had. And then of course everyone bought drink from different countries.
So as we watched and cheered, groaned, laughed and scored food was eaten and drink was drunk
I do like a little vodka, and prosecco, and cava.. As i had over 30 people over it meant there was a great atmosphere and lots of countries food and drink to choose from!
This was just the front room...
So yes the next day i was in pain!! I thought my head would explode as i did the big tidy up (why did i clean for the party!!!)
It was a great night even though i don't think the best song won. My heart was with Denmark, but then i am biased. I love Demark, beautiful country with fabulous design.
I had to show you the above picture, it's not a great image, but on sunday we had two great fat ducks in our garden. Can i remind you i live in built up South London, and no one i know has a pond or river. It was so strange but rather lovely.x

I did manage to make two tops. I have adjusted a pattern and used an old top of mine to come up with this design. I really like it and they look lovely on. I will be putting them on for sale soon.Please look out - as i also want to do a giveaway with one..
My head is nearly back to normal but i now have an eye infection. Thats what happens when you party too hard!
OOOO i adore fabric!


  1. Your eurovision party looked amazing! 30 people!!!eek! Glad your head is back to normal and shame about the eye infection, hope you get better soon. Scarlett x p.s love the ducks!

  2. Party sounds like best fun - love the alcohol from many countries! Shame we have to suffer so much for a good time these days, I'm sure it wasn't quite so hard 10 years ago!

    Tops look gorgeous...ooh giveway, will be entering that for sure! (did you enter mine? If so your comment disappeared when Blogger was down)

  3. Looks like the party went don't really well. Hope the eye infection clears up really soon xx

  4. *SWOON* at the fabric i the last pic!!!!

  5. Sounds like a great party, what a good idea to have a drink from every country. It's always a nightmare clearing up with a banging head afterwards but well worth it for memories of a great night x

  6. Looks like you went to a lot of time and effort for your party, especially with the drinks! I love those tops too, especially the last one.

  7. Oh I wish I could've come to your party - it looks like you all had so much fun. Isn't Eurovision great? I completely LOVE IT! I liked Denmark too, but worry about Danes since I watched The Killing - I need re-educating! Oh, and JedWard was/were (?) fun!

  8. Love love love the tops you made, such gorgeous fabrics!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  9. The party looked great, the ducks are so funny and the tops are fantastic!! You need to rest!

  10. loving the new look of the blog! what a great looking party! i didn't even know about the contest! we don't really watch tv! ha! oh well *sigh*

  11. wow your party looked amazing and that food wow to that to what a huge selection of yummy things ;-)) Love your tops you made to, dee x