Saturday, 28 May 2011

wonderful women

Firstly after much tinkering with my lap top i am still unable to make comments on other people blogs. So if you think i am ignoring you i am not. I will keep trying!

I wanted to do a post that was a little different to my usual. I decided on this 'wonderful woman' because, i recently experienced a few women being very much less than wonderful to another. It made me so sad and also to start to think that people were horrid. I decided to shake myself out of it and remember that most are good, kind, brilliant creative and supportive. So here is a little selection of some wonderful women. It is just a selection, and would love to here who you think is wonderful.
Millicent Fawcett
For her tireless struggle for womans rights. Although a suffragist rather than a suffragette she campaigned for repeal of the Contagious Diseases Acts, with it's double standards. Against violence she continued to work for the rights of women throughout her life.
Averil Mansfield
The UK's first female Professor of Surgery. She plays it down, but what an achievement in a male dominated career. Lets not forget the thousands of people she must helped live either easier lives or to be alive at all.
 Just because she built up a massive business and helped to promote natural products and not testing on animals. Some people may not remember... o i am sooo old. But when i became a vegetarian some 30 years ago (i was only about 12) most make up was tested on animals and no one seemed to care that much. The body shop was so successful it was copied by many, great for animals!
Dorothy Hodgekin
A British Chemist - read about her here It will tell you way more than i can here and shows a brilliant woman who also cared.
I love Maya Angelou. If you have ever read 'I know why a caged bird sings' you will know why.Having been raped at the 8 by her mothers boyfriend she became mute for 5 years. Teased for her looks and height she has gone on to become not only a writer and poet but also a civil rights activist. I was lucky enough to see her live in my local theatre years and years ago. Her peotry and the way she read it was breath taking. Every woman should read I promise you, you will feel fab!

 Harriet Beecher Stow.
An Author who wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin.She was an abolishist and her book helped to enerigise anti slavery forces in the North. I really wanted to include an abolishist in my list.
 Mary Quant
For making fashion fun and the wonderful images she gave us. Some say her clothes helped to release women from the more restrictive clothes from earlier decades. ( even though i adore a pencil skirt and the earlier fashions!)

Let's end with Oprah. As she has just had her last show. What a success story, what a woman!
Would love to hear who you think is wonderful. I certainly know that the woman who follow me on this blog or who i follow, are wonderful. The items people make are amazing, the finds they find and the support they have given me since starting this blog has shown exactly how wonderful woman can be.


  1. Celebrating wonderful woman is cool! I admire the Queen for her work ethic at 88yrs, Florence nightingale, Karen Woo, and Mother Teresa. I also adore anyone with a good and kind heart! Lovely idea.

  2. Great list, I'd add Burmese pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, and Mary Anning, the Victorian girl who discovered a whole dinosaur fossil in Lyme Regis and went on to study palaeontology. Also all my favourite female writers, of whom there are too many to list.

  3. Thank you so much for that post. Miss Mansfield was my surgeon 25 years ago when I had part of my hand amputated due to vascular problems. Even then she was a senior surgeon with hundreds of patients, but she always made me feel cared about. It was lovely to read about her. Thank you

  4. A brilliant post my lovely :) I'm off now to have a cuppa and maybe a bikkie or two whilst I look three of them up on wikki xxx

  5. This is so interesting - thank you. Those women, even from quite recent history, really had to fight against the 'little woman who stay at home' stereotype to do great things.