Monday, 30 May 2011

I won't buy anything, i promise....

 The joy of being on half term was marred by coming down with a horrible cold. Something that often happens to teachers during school holidays. moan moan... But i forced myself out on Sunday as i had a pre arranged date to visit Columbia Road Market and Spittlefields. It was very busy but lovely. Don't you just love the bunnies? I would love one for the garden. Please excuse how awful i look in this picture, it was soooo windy and this picture does not do justice to my Vivvienne of Holloway pencil skirt!
 I know that there are loads of fabulous shops and of course stalls at the market but i am very broke at the moment and trying to save for the future (actually i should say get out of debt..) I even resisted this most gorgeous dress that was so 1950's blue, flared, halter neck and just perfect. Even my fantastic friend Fiona kept saying get it, i was so proud walking away. Is it bad that i do wish it was now hanging in my wardrobe?
 I resisted fabric...

 Lovely foods

 oh and we took this picture because it looked so funny with little building squeeshed in and with the gerkin behind it.
 And then after being such a good good my purse is shut girl i spotted this picture................
I could not resist. This photo of it does it no justice at all. It just called me with it's little robin coo. It was on a stall and i hoped he didn't take cards....He did, the bad man. So he came home with me.

Why is it that when you get a picture you have to rearrange the whole house? or is that just me?
So this lovely picture resulted in the whole of my dining room getting a shuze up and a big clean (it needed it!)
 The table did get cleared i promise
A nice tidy room has allowed me to get busy with the sewing machine today. Lovely!


  1. Well done on being good and not spending, the picture is amazing and so had to come home with you! Scarlett x

  2. My husband works in that building by the bunnies! There's some seriously good shopping round there, so you did extremely well! (I don't think I could resist Robin either!).

  3. Well done - almost!!

    Are those Christmas baubles Miss G???

  4. I too could not have left behind that little plump robin!!

  5. Isnt it awful looking at wonderful stuff and not being able to buy it!! I'm broke to and its horrid!! Beautiful robin xxxx

  6. Oh I do like new followers, especially as they often lead to new blogs for me to read and enjoy! And thus I have found your bright little spot in the blogosphere! Thanks for commenting and becoming a follower!
    Well done on your restrain-ed-ness, especially with all that lovely fabric.

  7. Check out my blog there is something there for you! :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. Well done on resisting all that temptation. A lovely picture too. xx

  9. Love the photo next to the church cut out! And the fabrics! Good for you to resist temptation... it must've been very hard!

  10. Hi, that fabric shop on Columbia Road is fabulous isn't it? Well done for resisting the temptation.

    Off for a pootle around your blog now x