Sunday, 5 June 2011

shopping lists

I have a few pet hates, and was going to blog on some of them when one happened ...
Its when you go shopping and get your trolly and the last person has left old bags and papers in it.Ok it's not serious but i just think take your rubbish with you why should I have to take it out? BUT this time the shopping list had me thinking...

Is this the strangest supermarket list ever? It made me laugh - do i need to get a life? Or not ? Thoughts please....
1. Sausage rolls
2. Pickled onions small
3. Toilet Rolls
4. Turkey
5.Jims Money
8. slimfast

why is this still making me chuckle? I really don't know!! Help !


  1. Ha ha! Other people's lists can be very odd can't they?

    I used to work with this guy who collected and analysed found lists- he stopped as he moved overseas but the blog's still there ( ) and absolutely hilarious.

  2. So that's where I left it!! I only forgot the Pickled Onions because of you!!! ;)

  3. This reminds me of finding my mums shopping list when I visited her - I thought I would add a few things to 'suprise' her when she got it out in Waitrose! I added a bottle of Sex, Cannabis Cakes and a couple of much ruder things. Anyway I forgot all about it until she phoned me to tell me off, she had done the list and left it on the side for her cleaner to fetch! lol! I really hope you don't find that list! lol! xx


  4. Great list, made me chuckle too but like you say not really sure why. I always thought that working on a checkout would be interesting as you could see what other people buy :)

  5. I think they may have forgotten the antacid tablets and toilet roll!!!!!!!!

  6. haha, love it! Im a nosey one so I always quite like finding the previous shoppers list in the trolley :o) Scarlett x

  7. Haha, sounds to me like she was planning a picnic ...apart from the slimfast x