Monday, 6 June 2011

one of those days

Today i have felt a bit like this.

(Frank wanted to go out honest, before you report me! And i did let him in.)
I didn't get to make Knickers as i felt too poorly, wasn't happy to be back at work with a HUGE amoount of work to do, discovered ants in the kitchen, got a £75 bank charge for going overdrawn by £5 for one day, really want this basket that is now on sale at happylovesrosie ,I just can't afford it right now. I made a bag that came out too small, AND I can't eat chocolate since discovering i have diabetes a couple of weeks ago. Pooh!

oh well, tomorrow is my treasured day of, Frank will get a lovely walk, i WILL make pants! I love love the link sent to me by have a look at it here.   
I also loved the comments on shopping lists and am now going to be searching for more in my trolley..Thanks to  Perdita for the link I may actually become obsessed if not careful.
I did buy some strawberries and bubblebath so life not all bad! Happy Monday all - nearly friday and my garden is very glad of all the rain. xxx


  1. Look at your gorgeous dog in the window- what a sweet heart! Frank looks so deflated sitting in the rain. Hope you feel better soon, as they say it's the small things in life, and strawberries and bubble bath def make me feel happy. Bx

  2. oh Verity poor you and poor frank!!!
    i hope your tomorrow brings you sunshine, pants and a walk in the park!!!
    enjoy those strawberries and just think how much your garden is smiling!!!
    kind regards tracy

  3. Oh he looks so sad, but mine do that too, want to go out in the rain then act as if they have been banned to the backyard! Hope tomorrow is better for you, - can't wait to see those knickers ;)!
    Jen xo
    (ps, love your blog!)

  4. Oh Verity, i hope you have a better day today my lovely :(

    That diabetes is a bit of a bummer! So is that £75.00 bank charge for a fiver! How are they allowed to do that? it's just daylight robbery if you ask me, which you didn't but never mind :o)
    Hopefully you'll get to start on your knickers soon :o)

    Take Frank for a nice walk, eat your strawberries, and have a nice relaxing bath :o)

    Have a good day today lovely. xx

  5. Arghh poor Frank ;) Well thing's can't get any worse can they? xxx Have a fantastic day today

  6. Oh no! poor Frank, although they are good at looking sad dogs aren't they! Sorry to hear about your problems, hope you have a lovely day off! :) Have you decided what you would like on your labels yet that you won in my giveaway?

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. OMG! How cute is Frank, don't they always mannage to look hard done by, you should see the faces our scotties Lily & Jack pull!

  8. Oh and a big hug! You have been well and truly mugged by those robbing bastards that go under the name of banks! xxxx