Sunday, 12 June 2011

a harder dress

 I have been working on a new dress - again from a little bit of blue gingham (I do like a bit of gingham!)
It is fitted and has some of the bits that make me putting in a zip. Why does everyone hate putiing in a zip - or is that just me? Any ways all was going well. I shaped it and binded and

 Put in the zip, very neatly, if i say so myself..
And then got stuck on the sleeves. But a visit to my mum's and i now know what to do! will take me five minutes and then done. I like the gingham but would prefer it in some funky fabric. I will hunt through my stash and see what i can come up with. xx


  1. Wow - that looks superb! No stopping you now, you seamstress you!

  2. This looks lovely - what pretty fabric and yes, perfect zip application! :) xxx

  3. That looks lovely. Nothing like a bit of gingham - are you going to wear it with red sparkly shoes?

  4. It must be hard matching all those horizontals and verticals - and your dress looks so neat!

  5. Looks great - love the on-grain bodice and bias-cut skirt, which makes it more interesting. Hope to see it with the sleeves on soon - looks like a nice pattern. well done!