Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Fabric delight and two concerts

I will just begin by saying that my sunday big night out to see Aloe Blacc was fabbbbbuuuulous! He was amazing, much much better than i thought. If you like him - or just think he is ok - go and see him, i promise you will not be disapointed. Last night (two nights in a row!) i went to see Imelda May and she was great too. Funny enough i prefer her music but it was Aloe Blacc who wowed me. 
And now take a look at these... Some more of my fabric arrived ready to be sold. Though i may struggle to part with some.
 I will show more another time as i don't want to fabric you out (is this possible?!!) But here is a couple of close ups. (i am saving my personal favourites for later)

 My daughter loves the blue below
 Dress ordered in this fabric.
 I also have some patterns now, again this is a v small selection of what i now stock. I do like this tunic.
 And i love this skirt, not sure about the white socks though...
 I already have two orders for a skirt and dress, and will be adding them to my Etsy shop asap before my temptation to run down the road with them all streaming behind while i shout 'look look' takes over. I am seriously quite ridiculously over excited. Some stock is coming in a second delivery, which is probably a good thing, as if they had all come at once, i may have made the delivery man dance a jig with me. Is it just me or is the expression the 'fabric of life' because fabric is tip top gorgeous!


  1. Wow, your new fabrics look absolutely gorgeous! Do you happen to sell online too?

  2. Oh they all look so scrummy, especially the blue and yellow birdy affair!

  3. OOOOOH I'm liking those greens!

  4. Really lovely fabrics, ive got a pile and because im not that confident at "sewing" they stay in a pile! What a waste. By the way hun I cant wait to get my little giveaway, I used to crochet when I was younger, much better than knitting! :) x

  5. Hi Verity! I love all your fabrics especially the yellow one! xxxx

  6. Lovely! Agree on the socks though, looks like her circulation is being cut off!

  7. Lovely fabrics - I'm not surprised you're so excited! Have fun with the next delivery... Hope we'll see the dress in the cute birdie fabric too!

  8. ooooh yummy fabrics! I would be excited too - so a big yay for you :o)) Scarlett x

  9. HI, just read you need my address, I did send via your blog last week, must have re-routed somewhere else! Im sending via
    Hope it arrives this time :)

  10. oh! you have so many lovely fabrics! love them all! i wish i had a sewing machine so i can learn how to make my own dress, the tunic pattern and the skirt pattern look beautiful!