Sunday, 10 July 2011

A two tone weekend that ain't over yet..

 Yesterday we decided to to take little Frank, now 7 months old to somewhere new for a quiet walk. We picked West Malling as it is not to far in the car and has a great walk though fields and a river. As you can see Frankk decided to take a swim in the muddiest part he could find. After it was hard to relax, he thinks he is so cute that everyone wants to say hello to him. I was so scared he would jump up at someone in white trousers...But it was my lucky day, he didn't and we got back in the car just as it tipped down with rain. We were feeling very lucky, so i bought a lottery ticket! i must check it later..
 Today i have made a pair of knickers in blue gingham, sorted out items for my swap that i am doing (I'm ready to post - you know who you are!) I also hoovered in my little garage/craft room in the garden, where about a million spiders had decided to take refuge. Now i hate being a wimp but there were some screams and Joe had to come to my rescue, one being the size of my hand (it was honest!). I will not have them killed, so looked on from a safe distance while 1 (big) was gently placed in the garden.
 But the weekend is not nearly over as tonight i am going to see Aloe Blacc at Somerset House. It is open air so please no one rain dance in the next couple of hours.
I will let you know what he is like and as i am of to another concert tomorrow night, same venue different act, i will be really interested to see how they compare. xx


  1. Little Frank must have been thrilled to be allowed to frolick in the mud and wet - I would have been like you waiting for him to jump up at someone and spread the mud. Hope the concert was good!

  2. Frank reminds me of a book we have and the children loved!!! Dirty Harry - Harry was a white dog with blacks spots who after running away from home and getting very dirty turned into a black dog with white spots!!!
    I'm nearly there with your swap goodies should be ready to post by the end of the week if that's okay?

  3. awww how cute is little frank! Scarlett x

  4. Did he have a bath after all that? x :)

  5. Yay for Frank - and West Malling - my old stomping ground!
    Enjoy Somerset House x

  6. Glad I didn't have to bath Frank. :)

    I hate spiders - hubby will not let me stomp on them so he has to rescue them all and release them outside - but honestly if it were up to me they'd be exterminated swiftly. They terrify me. Even little ones.

  7. Frank is adorable! I watched Marley and Me last night and had a few tears, such a lovely film and a great tribute to a family dog. Aloe looks good, looking forward to hearing what his concert was like. Bx

  8. That is one cute pup - even with a muddy bottom!

  9. Such a cutey dawg!! Love Aloe too, how exciting xx