Thursday, 7 July 2011

these are a few of my favourite things.

Still up to my eyes in work a quick little post tonight.  i decided to just put this picture up for you all to enjoy. ? probably my favourite Hollywood star of all time.Gene Kelly ooo la la the man could dance. I may treat myself to one of his films this weekend. Teaching students with severe learning differculties and autism can be hard but also fun. Every morning we do movement and sing a good morning song. Our song is of course (i got to choose!!) 'good morning goodmorning' from singing in the rain. It does put me in a good mood for the rest of the day! I hope to do a post soon on autism and how i work in my 'day job'. 

Happy friday to you all and one more day till the weekend!
  Tomorrow i am also looking forward to a special delivery - sooooo excited! (let you know if it comes).


  1. Well, well, well! I'm ashamed to say that although I have seen the dance for 'Singing in the Rain'on numerous occasions , I have never seen the whole film, and I wouldn't have recognised the great dancer if he'd knocked me down and done a tap dance on my bottom! What a handsome chap. Hope you get to watch that film!

  2. Working with autistic children is quite eye opening isn't it, we childminded a little boy who couldn't read his own name but could navigate from Windsor to Portsmouth or Harrow after being taken there once! I really enjoyed the training sessions I attended

  3. What a great song that is - I imagine it is impossible to sing whilst keeping up a grumpy demeanour - Good Morning indeed with smiles all round! Crossing fingers for your delivery xxx

  4. One of my fave films of all time, Donald O' Connor, Debbie Reynolds and Gene singing their hearts out, Saturday matinee,cup of tea and a biscuit ahhhhhh. Thanks for the pic

  5. Nothing beats a bit of 'Singin' in the rain' The house next door but one to us was purchased by a charity that provides a permenant home for autistic young adults, so that they may lead as normal life as is possible, living in the community. There are about 5 young adults living there and they have a great support network of carers who both live with them whilst giving them the freedom of being 'grown up'. I so admire them all. Sue x

  6. Hi Verity, love Gene Kelly. Looking forward to hearing more about your day job.

    I've just asked my partner about plums and he says, you should harvest at the first blush of purple, apparently. Hope that helps!

    Oh btw, received my winnings and I love them. The magazine is fascinating, jam-packed with all manner of stuff. Love it!

    You have a good weekend now. xx